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Empower your board with gender equality

Whether you need to meet equality legislation requirements or simply empower your governance, we bring in outstanding women who are not on your radar. We work with publicly traded companies in all markets, investment funds, mid-size companies, SMEs, startups and other private and public non-listed companies, as well as non-profits and NGOs.

1 – The Board of Directors draws up a profile of the woman board member they want and within 48 hours, Leyders Associates delivers a value-add response.

2 – Now you’re taking your social awareness to the next ambitious level. Our experts can guide you through an analysis of your governance needs and offer recommendations on choosing a woman director who is a perfect fit for your national or international strategy. Our teams have painstakingly compiled a talent pool of 1,000 women able to meet the most wide-ranging requirements.

We are committed to delivering fast, high-performance solutions for top-level recruitment.

Our value-add solutions

recrutement administrateurs

recrutement administratrices

Related services

  • Guidance

    Our experts in governance and specifically governance at family-run companies help decision-makers figure out the right type of woman director to add to your existing team. They gain an understanding of how your board works by meeting with shareholders, the Chairperson of the Board and key board members.

  • Coaching

    Upon request, we offer services to prepare future directors for that crucial first meeting. Guidance provided by coaches from Crysalead, who are specialists in putting men and women on an even playing field.

  • Follow-up

    Just like any other kind of headhunting assignment, we stay in close contact with the directors after they’re hired to make sure the board is a perfect match. Follow-up services are provided by Leyders Associates experts and directors.

  • Training

    Leyders Associates is a certified training organization, so applicants can take workshops taught by our experts in finance and strategy for management boards.

Senior advisors

Senior Advisors
available worldwide

Our senior advisors are corporate directors or senior executives between roles, young retirees, freelance consultants and consulting firms. They tap into their networks to match talent with the demand for more women on boards.

French equality legislation

Copé-Zimmermann Law on equal representation of men and women onboards of directors and supervisory boards.

Law No. 2011-103 enacted January 27, 2011 and August 4, 2014

Need to bring more women into your corporate governance?




Legal framework

France’s Copé-Zimmermann Law (Law No. 2011-103 of January 27, 2011 reinforced by the Law of August 4, 2014) addresses equal representation of men and women on boards of directors and supervisory boards in publicly traded companies, and workplace equality. The legislation mandates a 20% share of women in 2014 and 40% in 2017.

The new law falls under the AFEP-MEDEF code, which issues recommendations on best practices in governance. These quotas were also set at 40% starting on January 1, 2017 for boards of directors and supervisory boards at non-listed companies with over 250 employees and turnover of more than €50 million.

Companies that violate the law are subject to penalties that include temporarily suspending the payment of directors’ fees and invalidating appointments made by boards in violation. As of December 1, 2014, they risk being excluded from government bidding processes for failing to meet the workplace gender equality requirements.

The reform also has applied to the public sector since March 12, 2012 with the passing of the Sauvadet Law that includes anti-discrimination clauses. This means the regulations now extend to public industrial and commercial institutions, semi-public companies, chambers of commerce and industry, chambers of agriculture and the 117 public sports federations in France.

New social awareness

Closing the gender gap is a far-reaching shift in society. Most companies have made considerable progress in this area and are aware that diversity is a factor in boosting performance.

However, there is still a long way to go so we need board members and general assemblies to become a big part of the solution.

Ernst & Young (Panorama 2013) reported that the amount of women sitting on the boards of large corporations currently only averages 24%. Yet this figure has already reached 30% on boards at CAC 40 companies and 28.8% at SBF 120 companies.

Even without the new legislation, corporate leaders seem to be increasingly aware that a more equal gender balance affects performance and sets a better example. Having more women on the board is an opportunity to see the company’s governance through a new lens, make the board function more effectively and, on a broader level, visibly invigorate the company and its image.

Our mission

As specialists in finding talent and recruiting senior executives, Leyders Associates wanted to play an active role in this social movement. Our goal is to be the crossroad where the current and potential demand for women directors meets the supply of candidates selected from a pool of women to serve terms as external directors.

Since 2013, we have worked with corporate partners and consulting firms in France and worldwide and gained guidance from influential names in the business world to develop a targeted methodology and program. The result was Women in the Heart of Boards.

This thoroughly vetted talent pool has over 1,000 profiles of top-level women with a wide range of career backgrounds, skillsets, industry experience and nationalities.

We conduct an in-depth interview with each candidate to discuss all the challenges of a director’s role, which enables us to choose the most motivated and competent applicants who can meet the demands of the job. Then we waste no time introducing them to our clients.