Empower your board of directors and governance with real solutions for gender equality


How do you offer professional services for recruiting women directors into corporate governance roles to achieve the gender equality that companies want and need?

Michel Dumont and Lucille Desjonquères, the founders of Leyders Associates, are renowned visionary headhunters who think outside the box and are perfectly attuned to the needs of businesses.

New quotas mandated by French equality legislation (Copé/Zimmerman Act) will require hiring more women on boards of directors, audit committees, compensation committees and nominating committees. So the founders wanted to align themselves with both sides of the equation:

-­ provide companies with shortlists of outstanding women handpicked from a talent pool expertly vetted over the last two years to qualitatively enhance boards of directors and all governance bodies.

-­ groom women candidates as top contenders for external directors at companies of all sizes where their skillset and expertise will genuinely add value to the board of directors.

Where companies need to comply with equality legislation, Women in the Heart of Boards offers fast and effective solutions for hiring the women members that boards of directors need.

This same service to put more women on corporate boards can also help smaller enterprises and startups with fresh investment capital so they can critically think about the best strategies on potential growth.

Our approach focuses on excellence, transitional guidance, diversity, performance and success. We raise the profile of women directors and aspiring directors to give them the chance to achieve their full potential at last.

Balance. Value. Performance. Growth. New ideas. Diversity. Skills. All the benefits you gain from the women board members our professional headhunting services can provide.

And all the ingredients for succeeding in your business, attracting and retaining employees who want to advance their careers in a diverse workforce and meeting the demands of investors.